The Motherly State

(Originally published in German, entitled „Mutter Staat“)

Explaining social developments taking place at the level of entire nations or civilizations or even mankind and over decades and centuries means to need more than just one theory; multiple theories have to be connected with each other.

There is more than one correct answer to the question why conservative positions have been eliminated from the public discourse of Western countries, and these many answers are compatible with each other. In this context, I am dealing with the psychological preconditions favouring the emergence of a leftist mentality, and why this mentality could become socially dominant. Political ideologies may be justified by any single person with more or less rational philosophical argument, but they will not be adopted by a majority without a fundament of pre-conscious attitudes, i.e. a mentality.

I propose to conceptualize as „feminization“ the mentality change that spread all over the West during the second half of the twentieth century, leading to an equivalent change of basic political ideology.

I think it is plausible to assume that the socially accepted idea of God (who epitomizes all that is good) mirrors the socially dominant mentality. It is therefore more than just a marginal curiosity that leftist theologians imagine God as a woman (or, at least, not as a God insisting on norms and punishing disobedience, i.e. a fatherly God).

There is a remarkable analogy between this idea od God and the expectations towards the state which is no longer seen as a law-and-order state, and as a nation state (defining and defending its borders), but as a state helping, giving welfare, moderating conflicts, embracing anyone – in one word: a motherly state. The state, as leftists imagine it, is a gigantic mother breast. A destructured an de-differentiated society – the core of the left-wing project – resembles an unstructured and undifferentiated brain of a baby. It is the social objectivation of that baby brain.

As this social dominance of motherly attitudes ermerged first among the children of the war generation, I assume that the cause of this feminization is the long absence of the father especially in this generation (or his death, his invalidity, his psychic breakdown etc.) as a consequence of the war (which includes that America may be less affected than Europe.). Many women had to be the head of family. Therefore, the increased role of mothers and of feminine attitudes resulted in a feminized society and its favouring left-wing „solutions“ of social problems.

The Left transformed this glorification of female attitudes into political ideology. Anyone determined to stop the decline and decay of our society, i.e the process of de-structuring and de-defferentiating, should be aware that he has to cope not only with leftist elites and their ideology, but also with a collective mentality steeped in this ideology.